Stab Pads


100 0828 1024x768 Stab Pads


Ever had your caravan or RV stabiliser leg not work properly, because it keeps sinking into the ground????

Do you want to avoid carrying around those big heavy blocks of wood to support the stabilisers?

Are you tired of those pesky ants climbing up your stabiliser leg and into your caravan??

Fear not, the Stab Pad will solve all those problems for you, with the one product!!!

Our ‘Stab Pad’ is carefully engineered from the ground up to overcome most of a caravans stabiliser leg support shortcomings.


  • The Stab Pad is engineered to provide maximum stability and strength.
  • Allows the grass to continue to grow, so no more dead patches.
  • The largest of its type available in Australia, providing maximum support, (21cm x 21cm)
  • UV stabilised to provide many years of service.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable, yet flexible enough for it to be used on uneven surfaces without breaking.
  • Has multiple uses, including: jockey wheel support, jack support base, high lift jack support, and many more.
  • Manufactured in high-vis yellow, making them hard to lose.
  • Comes in a pack of 5, or can be purchased individually.



Clip on adaptor kit so the Stab Pad can be mounted permanently to any ALKO stabiliser, Manutec Stabiliser leg.

*See you local CAMEC store for further details.